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Online Professional Learning & Development

We offer a range of online live and recorded courses for educators across the sector.

Talking Together Course:
Learn evidence-based oral language practices

Oral language is the foundation to all learning - it’s the cornerstone of culture, and the window into understanding our identity. As teachers and educators, it’s important to have evidence-based oral language practices in our daily interaction with tamariki.

Our online workshop ‘Talking Together’ unpacks the ‘Te Kōreroreo’ Ministry of Education document, and combines it with the extensive practical and pedagogical experience of our Director, Del Costello.

  • 9 information-packed videos, covering how to develop rich vocabularies, leverage linguistic diversity, talk about feelings, and much more

  • Supporting resources - reflection sheet, student voice collection questions and themes

  • One purchase gets you permanent access to all content for yourself, or your school/learning centre

  • Receive access to closed Facebook Group dedicated to the course material

  • 45 minute live Q&A session with Del Costello per registration

Del Costello-140.jpg

Meet your expert course facilitator

Del Costello has been an advocate for the development of effective reo ā-waha practice for many years, and her work as an accredited Professional Development Consultant means that this course provides many practical provocations and ideas for kaiako and teams.

“This work is always included within the programme of Centrally Funded Professional Development that I deliver across Aotearoa, and I wanted to make the content available to as many schools and Early Childhood Centres as possible."


"It’s a way of working together, in your space and in your time and in your way. These strategies are important. Every ECE and junior school kaiako will benefit from these."

Find out more about Del Costello at

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the subscription and the cost for one person or for a whole team?
A: The subscription is a ‘one time’ purchase and you can give access to any kaiako, teacher aid, learning assistant or anyone working at your school. We just ask that you don’t share outside of your school.

Q: How long do we get to watch all the videos?
A: You can take as long as you like. Your subscription won’t expire


Q: What order do we need to watch the videos in?
A: You choose the order. We’ve put them in a logical sequence but if there is a strategy that you have a hunch you need to focus on, go for it.


Q:  How do we ask more practice questions of Del?
A: Join the private Facebook page and Del will answer your questions, along with other participants. If you have questions about the subscription or payment etc, just email 


Q: How and when can I book the online face to face meeting with Del Costello?
A: Book it towards the end of your interaction with the videos.  Make a document with all the things you want to discuss - that are specific to your school/team - and Del will chat these through with you.  If you want to set a timeframe for your team to get through the content (1-3 terms is ideal) get in ahead of time and book Del for your team meeting in advance.


Terms and conditions

- Full payment is required at the time of registration

- There is no limit to the number of participants at the school/centre who purchases a registration

- Sharing outside of the school/centre is strictly prohibited and any on share will be seen as a breach of the Copyright Act 1994.



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