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Director and Professional Learning Consultant

Del Costello

I work with leaders,  individuals and teams to facilitate the development of sustainable professional learning outcomes and to grow communities of learning. 

I'm proud to be the Founder and Director of Coactive Education. We provide our suite of services to Aotearoa's corporate and education sector.

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Leadership & Innovation Consultant

Jacque Allen

Jacque is a dynamic independent consultant specialising in leadership and innovation within the education and corporate realms. With a rich background in teaching she brings a wealth of experience to her work. Jacque is renowned for her relationship-centered leadership approach through impactful facilitation and coaching.


As an accredited facilitator in cultural capability, Jacque extends her coaching to enhance cultural and social intelligence, leveraging the differences we have as strengths. Jacque is also able to offer behavioural profiling using the internationally renowned EXTENDED DISC®, as a registered practitioner 

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Leadership & Governance Consultant

Nikki Joyce

I have over 20 years' experience in leadership, and as a certified coach, I work with both existing and aspiring leaders to reach both their and their team’s goals.


I have experience mentoring, coaching and supporting individuals, teams and organisations in corporate and education sectors. 

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Education Consultant

Selena Hinchco

I am an experienced facilitator and educator who promotes evidence-based practice and instructional leadership in my work with leaders and teachers.


As a Visible Learning Plus consultant, both in New Zealand and internationally, I supported Kāhui Ako and schools to embed the principles of the world-leading Visible Learning research in order to maximize student achievement outcomes

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Are you ready to take your corporation to
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Our team is here to help you achieve growth, success, and investment through professional development! With our expertise in communication training, leadership, and governance training, we can help your employees reach their full potential and drive your business forward. Don't wait any longer to invest in your company future - let us help you make it happen!

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